NewHomepage1-2017 for webAn exciting NEW collection of Gorgeous Pendants hung on semi-precious stones.

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Hand-made jewelry by Liz Barzell.
Each stone is individually found along her life journey and is transformed into a one-of-a-kind treasure, reflecting the spirit of life.

Sacred Stone Creations is a beautiful eclectic collection of contemporary artistic images, and spiritually selected mandalas, creatively embellished onto found stones, beach glass and semi-precious polished stones. Along with the Nova Scotia beach stones, Liz Barzell also uses Colorado river stones.

The Sacred Stone Creations collection presents uniquely designed jewelry using sacred mandalas, as well as intricate patterns and treasured imagery. Each stone is crafted with finesse and skill and fashioned into a necklace adorned with semi precious beading. Because each piece is hand created no two necklaces are alike, each will add a unique flair in your jewelry collection.

Sacred Stone Creations will also take your personal photos of family members to create a unique custom necklace.

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