Meet The Artist

Liz Barzell designs and hand-crafts the striking necklaces, pendants, and earrings at Sacred Stone Creations. Through a gifted creative process she matches the shape and feel of a particular stone to her vast  collection of prints  ending in wearable art for all to enjoy.

I love putting uplifting images on stones and artifacts found objects in nature. These stones, glass and pottery have been handpicked by me from Nova Scotia beaches, as well as Colorado River Stones from my summers spent in Aspen.  I’ve been collecting them all my life, having grown up spending my summers in Cape Breton, Novia Scotia. I have also always loved and collected Art Prints and interesting images or designs. Each Sacred Stone I create is embellished with an image that really speaks to me–especially the mandalas. My favorite part of the process is applying the image to the object and seeing each one come to life.

We live on a beach in Florida and I am always on the look-out for stones and pick them up wherever I go. Not only is it extremely grounding to work with stones, but it is very gratifying to showcase other people’s work in this novel way. Also, I like the idea of wearing them to inspire others as they are so visible.

Each necklace is unique and every one is handmade with love by me in my studio in Osprey, Florida.

May your days be filled with joy.

Liz Barzell